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Exchange Server 2013


After the Active Directory features have been enable, and the additional components downloaded and installed. Its time to install Exchange Server 2013.

Insert the Exchange 2013 Disk and begin the instalation setup.

  1. The first Screen you are presented with will ask if you want to check for updates.

    For this setup I chose to update

  2. After the updates have download, files are copied to install Exchange Server 2013
  3. After the file shave been copied, a brief introduction page is given
  4. License Agreement Page
  5. Choose to use Recommended Settings
  6. Server Role Selection

    You will want to choose both the Mailbox and Client Access roles

  7. Choose the instalation space and location.
  8. Choose the Exchange Organization
  9. Malware Protection Settings

    This scree is asking if you want to turn OFF malware protection, We do not.

  10. Rediness Check

    A readiness check is preformed, any missing software or components that need instalation are listed. Since we already installed there should not be any errors. You will see some warnings regarding missing Exchange roles. This is OK as we will be setting them up after

  11. Click Install!

    Instalation setup will begin and the system will go through 15 steps of setup.

    this process can take a long time depending on hardware. Do not abort the process unless an error screen has appeared

  12. Setup completed

    upon successful completion of the software , you will need reboot

    Microsoft offers a list of post-instalation tasks online here You can choose to Launch the Exchange Administration Center after reboot.

The instalation of Exchange Server is now completed!